Permanent  Smoke & Odor Removal

Odor Removal Machines with Hydroxyl Ionization ability remove odors and kill mold, thus cleaning the indoor air environment safely, leaving behind fresh, breathable air.

Every time the sun comes up, every time lightning strikes across the sky, nature cleans the air with hydroxyl ions. Our high capacity odor removal machines duplicate
that process, " harnesses it ", so to speak and brings that cleansing action indoors.

Our Odor Removal Service take odor removal to an entirely new level providing purified air for people suffering from smoke, asthma, allergies, respiratory / sinus problems, chemical sensitivity, and diseases caused by pathogens. Our systems do not treat people's health problems, we treat their indoor air environment making the air as fresh, clean, comfortable and safe to breathe as
modern technology can possibly provide.

Hydroxyl Ion Technology is the combination of moisture in the air (H2O water molecules) negative hydroxyl ion atoms (OH-) and UV-C light creating our exclusive hydroxyl ion plasma. This powerful but amazingly simple technology is what nature has used to clean the earth's atmosphere for millions of years.

Hydroxyl Ions are non combustible and non chemical. 
Hydroxyl ions convert back into oxygen shortly after use. Hydroxyl Ions are a form of Active Oxygen, nature’ s most powerful and purest oxidizing element.

Affordable hydroxyl ion generators disinfect, deodorize and decontaminate homes, offices, vehicles, and institutions.
Our anti-microbial  technology kills all unwanted odors at the molecular level. Our seven stage hydroxyl ion machines kill: odors (smoke, pet, cooking), allergens (dust mites, scabies, pet dander), bacteria and viruses (MRSA, H1N1, E-Coli, Salmonella, Pneumonia, Influenza, C-diff, and more), VOC's (Formaldehyde, Benzene, and more). All of these are permanently removed with our odor removal machines.

Hydroxyl ion technology is non-invasive, environmentally safe systems are FDA, EPA, approved and is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. This all natural process can eliminate many environmental health issues. There are no chemicals and there is no residue. Our odor removal generators leave your property smelling crisp and cleansed.

Affordable hydroxyl ion technology is a broad-based sanitizer that reaches inaccessible areas that usual chemical sanitation methods cannot reach. It sanitizes every inch of your property, including the duct work and behind walls. Your property will be sanitized and completely deodorized. It will smell like you are standing next to a waterfall. The new air is the freshest and healthiest that you will experience. ​

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Permanent Smoke Odor Removal Using Ozone & Hydroxyl Ion Technology

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