Hydroxyl Ions & Ozone Are Nature's Sanitizers!

Sanitize-Aire offers hydroxyl generators & ozone generator machines which have the ability to get rid of odors and kill mold, and much more thus cleaning the indoor environment safely, leaving behind fresh, breathable air.

Every time the sun comes up, every time lightning strikes across the sky, nature cleans the air with hydroxyl ions and ozone. Our high capacity odor removal machines duplicate that process, " harnesses it ", so to speak and brings that cleansing action indoors.

Sanitize-Aire's odor removal machines take deodorizing to an entirely new level providing a purified air environment for people suffering from smoke, asthma, allergies, respiratory / sinus problems, chemical sensitivity, and diseases caused by pathogens. Our systems are not medical devices and do not treat people's health problems, we treat their indoor air environment making the air as fresh, clean, comfortable and safe to breathe as modern technology can possibly provide.​

Hydroxyl Ion Technology is the combination of moisture in the air (H2O water molecules) negative hydroxyl ion atoms (OH-) and UV-C light creating our exclusive hydroxyl ion plasma. This powerful but amazingly simple technology is what nature has used to clean the earth's atmosphere for millions of years and is built into each of our hydroxyl air purifiers. 

Hydroxyl ions & ozone are non combustible and non- chemical. 

Hydroxyl ions and ozone convert back into oxygen shortly after use. Hydroxyl ions and ozone are a forms of active oxygen, nature’ s most powerful and purest oxidizing elements.​

Sanitize-Aire's affordable ozone machines and hydroxyl generators 
destroy odors, disinfect, decontaminate and deodorize homes, offices, vehicles, and institutions every day around the world.

These anti-microbial technologies kill all unwanted odors at the molecular level. Our ozone generators and  hydroxyl generators kill: odors (smoke, pet, cooking), control allergens (dust mite and pet dander), bacteria and viruses (MRSA, H1N1, E-Coli, Salmonella, Pneumonia, Influenza, C-diff, and more), VOC's (Formaldehyde, Benzene, and more). All of these are permanently removed with our unquie odor removal machines.​

Hydroxyl ion & ozone technologies are non-invasive, environmentally safe and are FDA, EPA, approved and CERTIFIED ORGANIC. These all natural processes can eliminate many environmental health issues. There are no chemicals and there is no residue. Our odor removal generators leave your property smelling crisp and cleansed.​

Ozone and hydroxyl ion technologies are broad-based sanitizers that reach inaccessible areas that usual chemical sanitation methods cannot reach. They sanitize every inch of your property, including the duct work and behind walls when applied directly to those areas. Your property will be sanitized and completely deodorized. It will smell like you are standing next to a waterfall. The new air is the freshest and healthiest that you will ever experience.
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Check Out Some The 
Ways Our Odor Removal 
Machines Are Used:

Buying or selling a home? 
Living in one? 99% of all homes have never been sanitized and are infected by one or more of the following:

  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Mold Contamination
  • Poor Air Quality
  • H1N1 and MRSA 
  • Viruses & Bacteria
  • Klobsiella pneumonia
  • Salmonella
  • Staphyloccus
  • Lysteria
  • Streptopcoccus
  • Anthrax
  • Dust Mites
  • Chinese Dry wall
  • Thousands More!

Our Hydroxyl Ion Odor Removal Machines Work Every Time They Are Turned On To Eliminate All The Above​!
Odor Removal & Mold Kill Machines
 Hydroxyl Generators & Ozone Machines To Stop Odors & Kill Mold

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The model CH3000. Great for home and office. Quiet and super easy to use. Gets rid of odors of all types. Perfect for waiting rooms full of sick people or any place that people gather together.
The model BL3000. Fresh air at the push of a button. It doesn't get easier than that to control pet odors, germs and dust mites in the air you breathe. Optional use ozone generator built in for santizing sick rooms or smoking areas.
The Odor Removal Machine H2O 5000 Commercial Ozone Generator Machine. Trying to deal with an odor problem you just can't seem to beat, here is your answer to the problem........not only is it a commercial ozone air purifier, but it does double duty, it's water purifier as well! Click here for more details...
The Odor Removal Machine Model HE-500. Price $179.99 Our most affordable commercial ozone generator machine. Treats up to 3500 sq ft. Click here for more details...
The Odor Removal Machine SS7000 Commercial Ozone Generator Machine. Our most powerful system. The perfect ozone generator for every professional. Ozone shock treatments are a breeze using the SS7000. Put it in a room set the timer and start killing mold or remove odors from real estate than won't sell. The uses for this ozone machine are endless!
The Odor Removal Machine Model HMA O3-700. Commercial Ozone Generator Machine. Odor Remover  Cleans over 3500 sq ft. Great for OZONE SHOCK TREATMENTS! Kills mold, mildew. Click here for more details...
The Odor Removal Machine Model O3-1000 Ionic Ozone Generator Machine. Great replacement for old Alpine and EcoQuest ozone air purifiers.
Odor Removal Machine CH5000 is our most popular odor eliminator. There no other odor removal product that works as well as the CH5000. This unit has a built in optional use ozone generator machine to eliminate cigarette smoke and cooking odors quickly.
Our very cool Model CA3500. This Odor Removal Machine treats up to 3500 sq st of open space. Has an optional use ozone generator for fast knock down of heavy odors.
Odor Removal Machine Model BA3500.Hydroxyl Ion air purifier. Simple ion adjustment with a turn of knob. Optional use Ozone machine built to get rid of odors super fast!
Ozone Generator Machine
 H2O 5000 Odor Remover
Ozone Generator Machine
 HE-500 Odor Remover
Ozone Generator Machine SS7000 Odor Remover
Ozone Generator Machine
 HMA O3-700 Odor Remover
Ozone Generator Machine
O3-1000 Odor Remover
HEPA Hydrorxyl Generator
CA3500 Allergy & Odor Remover
HEPA Hydroxyl Generator
CH3500 Allergy & Odor Remover
HEPA Hydroxyl Generator
BA3500 Allergy & Odor Remover
HEPA Hydroxyl Generator
BL3000  Allergy & Odor Remover
HEPA Hydroxyl Generator
CH3000 Allergy & Odor Remover